Apply your heart to my knowledge. Pr 22:17

Thanks For Stopping By

I had an idea to blog my way through the bible recording my reaction to the text along the way. Every morning over a cup of coffee I will read a chapter of the Bible - from Genesis to Revelation.
.My background with the Bible is sketchy at best. Both my parents were United Methodist pastors and I rebelled against religion in general. I've read most of the Gospels and Ecclesiastes all the way through. Oh, and Song of Songs (very erotic book of the Bible). That's really my only exposure.
I know more about other religions than I do Christianity. I've always wanted to have a better relationship with the Bible. However, I find myself angry whenever I read it. I'll try to curb my frustrations and hopefully keep my dialog both stimulating and thought provoking.
I'm praying that this will bless me and anyone who passes by.