Be Here Now was my first religious book (long before the Bible). I just happened to come across it in my sister's collection of books. A few months later I meet my best friend, Kayla, who had also just stumbled upon this book in her mother's collection of books. Odd coincidence or divine fate I do not know, but the theories and teachings of Be Here Now brought the two of us closer than I had ever been to another person. It is full of metaphysical teachings and religious aphorisms complete with illustrations. Many Christians might find the teachings a bit scary because they are so full of Eastern thought and practice. However Be Here Now is more of a hippy-dippy way of illustrating Jesus awesomeness. Here is one of my favorite passages:

    There's a Sikh story about a holy man who gave two men each a chicken and said:
    "Go kill them where no one can see."
    One guy went behind the fence and killed the chicken. The other guy walked around for two days and came back with the chicken. The holy man said:
    "You did not kill the chicken."
    The guy said:
    "Well, everywhere I go, the chicken sees."

    This passage reminds me of the sermon on the mount given by Jesus. Sin is in our heart and can not be concealed by holy actions. The foundation of our salvation must be in the heart. An unrighteous heart can not be hidden from God because everywhere he or she sees.

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