I don't think that Jesus was exactly friendly. Neither do I think him to be unfriendly. At the same time that he is accessible to people, his wisdom is something I don't think is attainable till death. I'm sure this created a great sense of loneliness for him ( a loneliness I can identify with if at least in a small way).
    I don't think people would understand Jesus just like they didn't get him in his own life. We as disciples may come to understand his teachings (even if we fall drastically short of them at times), but this doesn't mean we understand the man behind them.
    I don't think that this necessarily means we can't have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I already touched on the foundation of my relationship with Jesus: identifying. All that is good in me identifies with Jesus. I not only want to be like him - I want to be with him forever and always. I want to be with him so much that I become him not for his power or anything like that, but because he is what we should be.

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